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 Banning Policy

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PostSubject: Banning Policy   Banning Policy EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 8:24 pm

Any rules that have been broken and depending on the severity of how they were broken shall be dealt with in different ways. For the most part you shall receive a warning if the rule broken is not too severe, you may also be given a period of suspension, ex: banned from the chat's and site for a period of time which shall be given to you. If the rule broken is severe you shall be banned and blocked from the site and chats for all future use, we do not wish to do this so we ask you take the rules seriously.

1. 1st Warning
2. 2nd Warning
3. Probation
4. Banning


1. Imitating Another: Attempting to impostor another user by using that member’s account against their will or another account not authorized.

2. Spamming is childish and shows that you are immature and not fitted to be here, so please do not do it.

3. Not following the rules.
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Banning Policy
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