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 Character Creation & Posting Policy

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PostSubject: Character Creation & Posting Policy   Character Creation & Posting Policy EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 8:37 pm

***Rules are subject to change, be added, and removed.***

1. Make your character's profile as soon as possible, it must be posted within 30 days of your sign-up. We understand it takes time and we value you taking your time, giving it more flow and detail is great, but until your profile is posted we ask you not to RP. Post your profile so others can get a sense of what your character is and where they come from so that the RP flows better. Do not post on another's profile unless you are an Admin or Mod. All profiles will need to be revised and approved by a staff member before you begin to RP. Make sure that you check back on your profile to see if it needs to be fixed, if it is not fixed within the week of being revised and you are active, you will be frozen on posting anymore.

2. For any proper RP it should be known that proper grammar and third person usage is required. Spell check is available when posting, you are advised to use it.

3. Play on your creation, not someone else's, make your character your own. Getting an idea from a show and such is fine but please do not steal the whole character from a show, movie, etc. You play your character as you see fit and others shall play theirs their own way. Do not throw a fit because someone does not do it your way.

4. Detail is your friend, use it. Cursing, gore/violence, sex, etc. is allowed to a limit, this can sometimes bother another and we ask that you respect everyone's opinion and if they request you to stop then please do so. However if you are base threading such a thing instead of live RP then you may keep going, if you have an issue with such then you do not have to read it. Also please do not harass someone for doing such a thing, it is their choice to do so as it is yours not to do so. Any posts under 10 lines in the base thread is unacceptable, you are given the space, use it. Please do try not to make the sexual posts too graphic, we do have underage users, sure they can access plenty of things online, it's still asked though.

5. We ask that you avoid god-mod moves. Such moves shall be voided and ignored, if you do not know the difference please take some lessons. We expect that if you are here you know how to RP properly. Your character is your own, do not try to control what another does with theirs. Only exception to this rule is if ic another's is put under a spell, all owners of characters must agree upon this first and must be shown to an administrator so no banning will occur. You are welcome to use NPC's (Non-player character) in any of your posts, if someone has used a NPC that you wish to use contact them and make sure it is alright.

6. We ask that you novel style RP when base threading. In the live RP chat we understand you using - - or * * or whichever symbol it is you use to show the difference in your actions then your words, that is fine as it is fine to novel style there as well just as long as you show the difference in your actions and words.

Novel Style Example: Silently she moved through the hall in search of the noise. As she turned the corner she saw a darkened figure at the end of the corridor, “Who are you?”

7. Multiple character's are allowed and welcomed, it gives a wider creativity to use and allows you to play different roles. You are allowed one character to start with, if you are active enough with that character you may contact an Admin and discuss adding another. On the note of multiple character's we also ask that you make an account for each one, that way when base threading it does not get confusing. In order to avoid having to make multiple emails you can create an account by using - for the email instead. Doing this though you will be unable to reset your password. As owner I can reset it for you, just need to request it done. Your username should also be the name of your character, if you did not sign up with it this way, please go to your profile and change it. It will also become your new login name.

8. Fighting and flirting is expected, so is drama. We ask though that you try to keep the drama to a low as much as possible. Do not force the fight, in other words pressure another into a fight. Flirting is a natural way of life, but do not harass another, forcing your actions on another that is not welcomed and such is banable. If the situation becomes out of hand we ask that you contact an Admin or Mod so action may be taken.

9. This is a futuristic roleplay and you have whatever you can imagine to use. Do though try to keep it realistic to how someone would act, bleed, body reactions to illness, etc. And yes women, this means you still get your monthly cycle, men still get erections from something they find attractive, there are still sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Prepare for anything.

10. For this RP the limit on species has been provided in the "Playable Characters" section, however, you are not limited to this. If there is an alien race you'd like to play, you may submit it in the appropriate area of the forum. Not every species will be approved. 

11. When making your profile there is a set character sheet to follow along. Backgrounds in profiles are required not required, but are nice to have. As your character travels they may gain new abilities and belongings, add these to your profile as it goes. When adding please make sure the newly added information is in a different color and it is stated at the bottom of your profile that you did such and when. An Admin shall check it over and if something is wrong they shall state so. 

Example: Belongings: Knife, boots, cup, hat
(Bottom of profile) Added 11/3/09 Added 1/23/10

12. Yes, replies to threads are welcomed and we value all input, but make sure that the one who has started the thread you are wishing to participate in is welcoming you into it. Not all the time is it wanted that someone jump into a middle of a thread, please ask the starter of the thread first before posting. To make it easy to whether someone can join the thread or not add with the title of the thread (c) for closed and (o) for open joining. If you do not post either in the title, it will be assumed that the posts are open. Also remember to keep it in turns.

Right example: A, B, C, A, B, C

Wrong example: A, B, C, B, C, A

13. If your character is killed then that is it, the account will be disabled. You may however make another character. Bringing back your character may be done depending on the situation, speak with an administrator on that. However, for your character to die you would have to have agreed upon fighting their person who killed your character and this must be documented to an admin so that no one can whine their way out of it.

14. As said in the general rules all other rps and knowledge of another's character from past rps are to be kept out of here. However, if agreed upon you and the other party(ies) as well as presented to a staff member for knowledge than you may create a history acknowledging each others character.

15. If you move from one posting place to another continuing a story line please post in the bottom of the first thread where you're moving to and at the top of the new thread where you are continuing from. You can not be in two places at once and travel to each place must be done properly.

Example: In original thread post (moved to -insert where moved to-) and in new thread post (moved from -insert where you moved from-)

16. Do not post in old topics. If they are old, they are dead, talking in topics that are dead will be classed as spamming, and thats a no. If you would like to continue, contact the original thread creator and members. Finding clues from the old posts may be allowed depending on how far along the storyline has moved.
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Character Creation & Posting Policy
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